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Formed in early 2013, StrategiTech is a family owned business combining over 40 years of experience in utility services. StrategiTech offers quality services which include meter reading, AMI/AMR deployment, Atmospheric Corrosion surveys, and general meter services. Our services are tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. Qualified technicians utilize a state of the art work order management system to ensure data is collected completely and accurately. Customer service, quality, and safety are top priorities for StrategiTech which ensures satisfactory work for each client.

Why StrategiTech?

StrategiTech believes that no job or task is more important than employee safety. This critical commitment includes protecting the well-being of all employees by providing a safe and healthy work environment. By adhering to established safety requirements, identifying and recommending potential areas of improvement, every StrategiTech employee is a positive role model for health and safety issues.

Customers demand quality and StrategiTech always delivers. The StrategiTech Quality Assurance Program exceeds most utility programs in order for our company to stay superior to competitors.

The StrategiTech management staff has over 40 years of combined experience in the services we offer. All of our employees are put through a rigorous classroom training program followed by hands on field training to ensure they know how to perform each task safely and correctly 100% of the time.

Completing projects on-time is an integral part of customer service. StrategiTech management is experienced in problem solving techniques that help them proactively engage any concerns before they become a problem.