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StrategiTech offers AMR/AMI meter deployment services for electric, water, and gas meters. Our services are offered to Rural Electric, Investor Owned, and Municipal utilities across North America. All StrategiTech technicians have the training necessary to successfully deploy all types of meters safely, accurately, and efficiently. With over 40 years of combined experience in meter services, our management staff has gained a wealth of experience which has allowed us to create a proven process for deployment from the receipt of new meters through the responsible disposal of the old meters. Every step, including the inspection of the meter site, capturing digital images, ensuring accurate data transfer of final reads, and new meter information make sure that our customers migration to AMR/AMI will be as seamless as possible.


Advantages of using StrategiTech for your AMR/AMI deployment: 

  • Safety is top priority throughout the deployment process
  • Experienced project management teams
  • Complete customer satisfaction
  • State of the art work order management system
  • Ability to adapt to unforeseen changes
  • Open communication throughout the deployment process