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One of the critical elements lost after an AMI/AMR meter deployment is the hands on physical inspection of each meter site by meter readers. Because of this lost interaction with each meter site, a variety of problems can occur and go unreported for years. Recognizing the need to be proactive, StrategiTech has created a flexible asset management solution to help identify problematic meter sites before they become a safety hazard or legal issue for the utility. Our team of trained technicians will visit each meter site and perform a complete inspection from identifying low hanging power lines to checking for vegetation growth impeding on the meter base. The StrategiTech post AMI/AMR asset management service can play an integral part in maintaining your assets while ensuring safety and compliance. Some items StrategiTech technicians will validate for safety and compliance include:


Meter read validation
Low hanging lines
Meter box issues
Leaking transformers
Vegetation growth issues


Meter read validation
Atmospheric corrosion
Vegetation growth Issues
Missing seals
ERT read match


Meter read validation
Meter lid Issues
Water pit marking
Pit obstructions
Leak detection

All data will be collected using the StrategiTech work order management system and digital images will be provided for all safety and compliance issues found.