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StrategiTech believes that no job or task is more important than employee safety. This critical commitment includes protecting the well-being of all employees by providing a safe and healthy work environment. By adhering to established safety requirements, identifying and recommending potential areas of improvement, each and every StrategiTech employee is a positive role model for health and safety issues. StrategiTech works closely with all customers to ensure that high standards of safety competence, communication, and cooperation are rigorously enforced throughout every project. Through our focus on consistent and safe work methods, we ensure that all of our employees remain safe and injury free.

Why StrategiTech?

StrategiTech makes sure all employees are properly vetted before job placement opportunity is awarded. Our employees are required to have a compliant motor vehicle report, national background check, local background check and drug screen. Each employee is also verified to work through E-Verify.

All StrategiTech employees are provided the proper PPE for the job classification they perform in order to meet or exceed OSHA compliance. PPE is inspected daily to make sure it is in proper working order and not damaged due to wear and tear. All electrical gloves and FR shirts are maintained and checked by a 3rd party in order to be compliant with OSHA standards

StrategiTech management uses every opportunity for a safety discussion. From weekly tailgate meetings to in the field unannounced spot checks, our management team makes sure all employees adhere to the highest standards of safety

All StrategiTech employees are required to perform a daily walk around visual inspection of his or her assigned company vehicle. If an employee finds something wrong they are to report that problem to management immediately and take the vehicle for repairs. Official written vehicle inspections are performed monthly by employee and project manager

StrategiTech monitors all vehicles through Nextraq GPS tracking services. Our vehicles are monitored for speeding, fast acceleration, and location to ensure all employees drive safely and their location is known in case of emergency